Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FarmersFZ (Farmers Fresh Zone)?

FarmersFZ is a get-together of farmers in and around. Our goals are to make sure that each farmer is getting rewarded for his/ her hardwork, inspire the young "NewGen" Farmers and customer is getting non-toxic, pure and fresh vegetables.

2. What is your speciality?

We do farming in our own land to produce non-toxic vegetables and fruits. We assure that we distribute fresh and quality vegetables. We reap and distribute on the same day.

3. What are the benefits of buying vegetables from farmersfz?

We take care of your health by distributing pure and fresh vegetables. Since, We don't go for any storage, we are not using any presevatives like the imported vegetables from other states. We deliver, fresh and healthy vegetables for lesser price than the market price.

4. Why farmers into website or online?

Today, all merchandisers need only the lasting-vegetables by using lot of toxic content and presevatives from other states. Our farmers are not getting the deserved price or value for their hardwork. That's why we are coming into the online distribution of vegetables.

5. Why did you choose Cochin infopark for your initial distibution?

We hope that we can find good customers under one umbrella who take care of their health. We hope that educated employees, Who had realized the fact that "only healthy food assures you a healthy life" will care for best vegetables.

6. Why fertilizers and pesticides name for some of vegetables changes ?

Vegetables have limited yield duration. As the farmer for each vegetable changes based on his farming practise fertilizers and pesticides changes. In every cases farmersfz ensure its reliablilty.

7. How can we book fresh vegetables from www.farmersfz.com ?

After 05/03/16 FarmersFZ changed its delivery day from Saturday to Friday

Currently FarmersFZ delivers on two days per week : Tuesday, Friday

Booking for Tuesday delivery : Booking days :- Friday(After 3pm),Saturday,Sunday,Monday.

Delivery Place : Inside Carnival infopark, near to exit gate & Associate services block at TCS centre

Booking for Friday delivery : Booking days :- Tuesday(After 3pm),Wednesday,Thursday.

Delivery Place : Associate services block at TCS centre & FLATS/VILLA’S/APARTMENTS around INFOPARK (***Maximum 2 kilometer distance from Infopark)')

8. How we can buy vegetables from farmersfz ?

i) Select items from vegetable cart.

ii) View your cart page.

iii) Click proceed to check out.

iv) Pay online

Yes you are done with shopping. Ffziyan will contact before delivery.

9. Why all vegetables are not organic ?

FarmersFz and FarmersFz farmers are on transition stage towards organic in a slowely manner, with in 12-36 months our all vegetables will be organic. Most of the farmers under FarmersFZ is now organic, and all are follwing Good Agriculture Practise(G.A.P)