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We represent the union of farmers. We represent the collapsing agricultural sector of our nation!!. We represent the suffering lives of farmers.

We understand the poor customers who are compelled to buy the toxic vegetables and fruits by paying high price. We pity the helpless state of million people who are struggling to find out the natural sources of fresh and pure vegetables.

Through this humble effort we are trying to connect the two sides of the coin. We will make sure that you will get pure non-toxic vegetables and fruits through FarmerFZ (Farmers Fresh Zone).

Our mission :

1. Each farmer is getting reward for his/her hard work.
2. Each customer is getting non-toxic, pure and fresh vegetables.

A farmer who wakes up before the sun rises... who goes to his field and work hard to feed each one of us even in biting cold or hot sun.

Do you care your and your loved ones health?

Do you care for the lives of thousands of farmers? without them the life in the earth is impossible!.

Do you care for a healthy next generation?

Come...Join your helping hands with us...

Let us build a culture where we can buy, cook and eat without worrying about the quality of food.

Let us give a hand to our suffering farmer from the extreme poverty.. “Farmer- who born in debt, lives in debt and dies in debt”

But let's change the fact!

      Yes... Health matters and the better days have come with farmersFz.com.

Pradeep P S.

Director farmersfz.com

Website : https://www.farmersfz.com/

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Mob & WhatsApp : 7293943993

Email : pradeeepps@gmail.com,